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Newcastle long pass Gael header Sidney Crosby Jersey

Le 8 December 2017, 07:32 dans Humeurs 0

Newcastle long pass, Gael header Sidney Crosby Jersey, Fernando Alonso ball back to Qutuwa, but unfortunately the power is too light, the Belgian goalkeeper saved the ball, Gaelic in front of the ball Tuishe break, Chelsea in the Home 0-1 behind. The first 17 minutes, after receiving a small pass long pass, Azar confront each other goalkeeper low shot was denied in the restricted area Eric Fehr Jersey, missed a great opportunity. The first 19 minutes, Molata ball in the penalty area was the other goalkeeper down, but the referee did not give penalty. According to OPTA statistics, Moratta's nine goals, five of which are headed home, we can see that in front of the Spanish's header impact is Chelsea's main breaking weapon. Since the start of last season, Morata scored 11 goals Tom Sestito Jersey, the figure is the highest of five European league. Chelsea scored eight of their league goals this season, indicating the Blues are good at air raiding their rivals. Red is non-human, not to mention such as Guardiola this world-class super coach, his every move is under the concern of the outside world. Yesterday's match ended, melon handsome emotional and Southampton player Raymond walk together, he continued to say something loud to Raymond, looks very angry Blake Comeau Jersey, while the other is quietly bowed. Subsequently, melon handsome said he did not criticize Raymond: "I just hope they do not delay time, and praised the strength of Raymond.

Moses right-sided pass

Le 8 December 2017, 07:31 dans Humeurs 0

Moses right-sided pass, but was denied defensive player Tom Sestito Jersey. The first 33 minutes, Moses right-sided biography, Morata header in front of the door, Chelsea 2-1 go-ahead score, this is Molata 9 Premiership this season. The first 37 minutes, Derinkwight missed long range outside the area. The first 46 minutes, Clarke fiercely put down Azar, get the yellow card. Guardiola will not be the elite in this Champions League match due to early qualifying, so players with heavy schedules can rest. According to an insider broke to the Goal Jaromir Jagr Jersey, Manchester City last week has been out of money to allow the injured left-back Mendy to Abu Dhabi to watch a Formula One car Daniel Sprong Jersey, and this time they will continue to pay their own pocket Joe Mullen Jersey, so that a Delaware family vacation to Abu Dhabi . Tintin is currently negotiating with the city of Manchester, although no formal agreement, but the players themselves also expressed the desire to stay in the team. Manchester City is hoping to complete the renewal of the player before the World Cup, so that other eye-catching European giants retreat.

Less than a minute after

Le 8 December 2017, 07:31 dans Humeurs 0

Less than a minute after the start of the game David Warsofsky Jersey, Newcastle cross the left, Lu Di Ge completed in front of the siege. The first 6 minutes, Derink Wort restricted area within the left pass Kael Mouillierat Jersey, but unfortunately no one collusion. The first 9 minutes, Melino shot in the restricted area line shot Carl Hagelin Jersey, Qutuwa ball to get. Subsequently, Chelsea counterattack, Azar ball, Morata direct shot in the restricted area hit high. 11 minutes, Murphy kick outside the restricted area kicked out by the defensive player. In this season's Chelsea array, Morata is the absolute main center, his playing time can be a great deal of protection, while the Spaniards really let Diego fans forget Diego - Costa. In the game against Newcastle, Morata scored this season's Premier League 9th ball, and this goal is the fans familiar header. At that time in the restricted area, Morata received a pass from Moses, the Spanish headed the ball firmly hit the ball goal, Chelsea also go-ahead score. At present, Manchester City triumph in all competitions, has won 19 straight wins, while Sterling is undoubtedly one of Manchester City can be so eye-catching hero Craig Adams Jersey. Currently, England striker played 19 games in double-team this season, has scored 13 goals, becoming the top scorer in Manchester City. The last game against Manchester City home Southampton, Stirling flash again, at the last minute to complete the lore, helping the team get three points at home, his goals scored this season can be highly efficient.

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